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Six Automotive Ignition Systems Trainer
Order No.DH-04-6

1.   This training board can be used to display the development history and functional characteristics of automobile ignition system, including contact-controlled ignition system, magnetic induction type ignition system, Hall effect type ignition system, photoelectric type ignition system, dual spark type distributorless ignition system, independent type distributorless ignition system. It can demonstrate the ignition phenomena and process of each system dynamically.

2.   The complete system is a consecutive operating system that is equipped with components such as ignition switches, coils, distributors, crankshaft position sensors, sparking plugs, ECU, etc.

3.   The complete frame adopts arc surface aluminum alloy structure, with storage cabinet and six universal lockable truckles for easy movement. The control panel has excellent durability with aluminum plate, CNC engraver and color.



1.   Dimensions: 2000mm×600mm×1850mm (approx.)

2.   Operation environment: Temperature -5°C~40°C, Humidity: 80%

3.   Working voltage: 220V

4.   Power: 350W

5.   Frequency: 50/60Hz

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