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Motor and Frequency Converter Speed Control Trainer
Order No.66962602

1.   This trainer adopts high performance and multi-functional Mitsubishi FR-A740-1.5K (380V, 1.5KW) as the mainframe, which has FR-A74P option inside and is equipped with pulse encoder motor braking and speed measuring system.

2.   Open loop/closed loop system experiment and frequency converter functional experiment can be accomplished by operating this trainer, moreover, with open type structure, students can learn and master the structure principle, detection and maintenance skill of frequency converter as well.



1.   PU inching running experiment

2.   Speed feedback system experiment

3.   External inching running experiment

4.   Interrupt power-supply starting experiment

5.   Open loop running experiment

6.   Speed positioning system experiment

7.   External operation experiment

8.   PID control system

9.   Combined operation experiment

10.  Network control experiment

11. Procedure running experiment

12. Communication operated running experiment

13. Multistage speed running experiment



1.   Input power supply: AC 380V ±5%, 50Hz

2.    Rated current: 3A

3.    Environment temperature: -10°C~+40°C

4.    Dimension :1600mm×730mm×1500mm

5.    Relative humidity: 90% (25°C)

6.    Frequency converter: Mitsubishi FR-A740-1.5K

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