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Maintenance Electrician Trainer
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1.   This trainer is composed of training table and meshed plate. The electrical control circuit components can be mounted on the meshed plate for training, which is easy to operate and convenient for function extension.

2.   By selecting related components according to training requirements student can conduct components arrangement and installation on the meshed plate and finish the wiring themselves. which is good for operational ability development.

3.   Voltage mode leakage protector and current mode leakage protector are adopted to ensure safety. Each power output is designed with monitoring and short circuit protection functions. The measuring instruments are also designed with reliable protection function.

4.   It is suitable for two students to experiment at the same time, with independent power unit and structure.



1.   Three phase asynchronous motor inching control circuit

2.   Three phase asynchronous motor contactor self-locking control circuit

3.   Three phase asynchronous motor single direction inching starting control circuit

4.   Three phase asynchronous motor remote and local control circuit

5.   Forward and reverse inching/starting control circuit

6.   Double-interlocked forward and reverse control circuit

7.   Automatic round trip control circuit

8.   Forward and reverse starting control circuit (position switch used for automatic stop)

9.   Automatic round trip control circuit with inching

10. Three phase asynchronous motor Y/Δ control circuit

11. Contactor controlled Y/Δ control circuit

12. Series resistor reduced voltage starting control circuit

13. Three phase asynchronous motor reverse barking control circuit

14. Three phase asynchronous motor energy consumption braking control circuit

15. Manual sequential starting control

16. Automatic sequential starting control

17. C620-1 lathe control circuit

18. Electric block electrical control circuit

19. Human inductive switch controlled stair incandescent light circuit

20. Voice operated switch controlled stair incandescent light circuit

21. Fluorescent lamp control circuit

22. Single phase watt-hour meter direct mounting circuit

23. Single phase watt-hour meter indirect mounting circuit

24. Current transformer and ammeter matched wiring diagram

25. Voltmeter and ammeter mounting circuit

26. Three phase four-wire active watt-hour meter direct mounting circuit

27. Three phase four-wire active watt-hour meter indirect mounting circuit

28. Wiring circuit of one current transformer used for single phase loop

29. Two current transformers star connected incomplete wiring circuit

30. Three current transformers star connected wiring circuit

31. Two current transformers differentially connected wiring circuit

32. Three current transformers delta connected wiring circuit



1.   Input voltage: three phase 380V ±10%, 50Hz

2.   Working environment: Temperature: -10°C~+40°C, Relative humidity < 85% (25°C), Altitude< 4000m

3.   Dimensions: 1600mm×750mm×1800mm

4.   Installed capacity: < 3 kVA

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