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Automatic Modular Flexible Production Line Training System
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1.   This modular flexible production line training system is a typical mechatronics and automation product. It is developed to meet the requirements of vocational college, technician training school and educational training institution, which is suitable for the teaching and training of 'Mechanical manufacture and automation', 'Mechatronics', 'Electric engineering and automatization', 'Automation engineering', 'Control engineering', 'Computer control', 'Mechatronic engineering', 'Mechanical design and theory', etc.

2.   The training system is composed of loading and detection unit, handling unit, processing and detection unit, transport and sorting unit, transfer and sorting unit, transport and mounting unit, assembly unit, distribution and storage unit, monitoring control unit.

3.   It combines pneumatics, motor driving and control, sensor technologies, coming with good flexibility. Each unit is modular designed and equipped with independent PLC control system, the neighboring two units, three units….or eight units can be connected easily to achieve the installation and debugging of mechanical components, pneumatic system, electrical control circuit, electromechanical device, automatic control system and industrial network control system.

4.   The mechanical structure and control adopt single standard interfaces, which is high in compatibility and expansibility. The system can be updated to keep in step with on-site technology extension and deeply meet the training and teaching requirements. TCP/IP communication protocol is adopted for the network communication, so as to realize the real time exchange of control information and state data between each unit. 7'' and 256-color touch screen is adopted for the industrial control.

5.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires. Leakage voltage and current protection.



1.   Sensor application technology training (more than 40 sensors, including capacitive type, inductive type, photoelectric type and electromagnetic type sensor)

2.   Pneumatic application technology training (including electronic controlled pneumatic valve, multiple cylinders, pneumatic gripping jaw, vacuum chuck, vacuum generator, filter reduction valve, etc.)

3.   PLC programming training

4.   Electrical control circuit training (including schematic circuit diagram analysis, PLC I/O address checking, equipment circuit connection, etc.)

5.   Mechanical system commissioning training

6.   System maintenance and fault detection technology training (including daily maintenance, common faults analysis, troubleshooting, etc)



1.   Power supply: AC 220V ±10% 50Hz

2.   Working environment: temperature -10ºC~40ºC, relative humidity85%(25ºC), height<4000m

3.   Installed capacity: <1.5kVA

4.   Dimension: 3800mm×1750mm×1600mm

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