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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Refrigeration Compressor Assembly and Disassembly Trainer
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trainer
Refrigeration Compressor Assembly and Disassembly Trainer
Order No.66972212

1.   This trainer adopts semi-closed two-cylinder compressor as the training object, the compressor is fixed on workbench so that student can conduct the experiment easily and conveniently.

2.   The compressor is divided into several modules for independent assembly and disassembly training, which is clear and easy understanding.

3.   By training on this workbench, students can learn the inner structure, installing size and maintenance method of compressor.



1.   Usage of common fitter's tool and measuring implement

2.   Assembly and disassembly of piston refrigeration compressor

3.   Assembly and disassembly of piston side rod and bent axle

4.   Assembly and disassembly of cylinder cover valve plate

5.   Measurement of piston refrigeration compressor gap and abrasion

6.   Test run of compressor unit after assembly

7.   Compressor common faults training



1.   Input power: three phase four wire AC380V ±10%, 50Hz

2.   Installed capacity: <1kVA

3.   Dimension: 1200mm×800mm×1500mm

4.   Working environment: temperature -10ºC~ +40ºC, relative humidity <85% (25ºC), height <4000m

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