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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Air Conditioner/Refrigerator Refrigeration and Heating Trainer
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trainer
Air Conditioner/Refrigerator Refrigeration and Heating Trainer
Order No.66972202

1.   This trainer is developed to meet the training requirements for 'Refrigeration technology', 'Refrigerating fluid machinery', 'home use refrigeration equipment principle and maintenance', 'Cold storage technology', etc.

2.   It integrates air conditioner simulator and refrigerator simulator and adopts real refrigerating unit which is perfect for teaching.

3.   It is configured with two systems, one is air conditioner system and another is comprehensive direct/indirect cooling type refrigerator system. The whole system is actual, tight and integrated, which is composed of air conditioner/refrigerator refrigerating system, electrical control system, fault simulation system and so on.

4.   It can intuitively display the system structure and working principle of heat pump type split air conditioner. The refrigerating cycle system structure and real object of main components can be observed clearly. As equipped with AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, thermometer, vacuum manometer and signal lamps, the working condition of air conditioner and refrigerator is clear at a glance.

5.   Liquid level glass is adopted in pipeline for refrigerant state observation, and fault simulation suite is adopted for troubleshooting.



1.   Split air conditioner control principle

2.   Air conditioner working condition

3.   Air conditioner fault phenomenon

4.   Refrigerator working principle

5.   Air conditioner/refrigerator fault setting

6.   Refrigerator fault phenomenon

7.   Refrigeration system maintenance tool

8.   Refrigeration system gas tightness examination

9.   Refrigeration system vacuum treatment and refrigerating fluid filling

10. Refrigeration and heating system assessment (optional)

11. Temperature routing inspection

12. Detection and fault analysis (manual)

(1) Overload protection failure

(2) Relay failure

(3) Refrigeration failure

(4) Shut down failure

(5) Lamp failure

(6) Rectifying circuit failure

(7) 5V power supply failure

(8) CPU reset failure

(9) Crystal oscillator failure

(10) AC leaf blower failure

(11) Overload protection failure

(12) Four way valve failure

(13) Capacitor failure

(14) Indoor fan motor failure

(15) Out door fan motor failure

(16) Receiving head failure

(17) Microprocessor failure

(18) Temperature sensor failure

(19) CPU temperature controller failure

(20) Running indicator failure

(21) Remote controller failure

(22) 12V power supply failure

(23) Buzzer failure

(24) 2003 integrated circuit failure

(25) Stepping motor failure

13. Detection and fault analysis (intelligent)

(1) Refrigerator door lamp failure

(2) Refrigerator overload protection failure

(3) Refrigerator thermal protector failure

(4) Refrigerator compressor failure

(5) Refrigerator temperature controller failure

(6) Rectifying circuit failure

(7) Infrared receiving head failure

(8) 78L05 failure

(9) Microprocessor failure

(10) Crystal oscillator failure

(11) Temperature control probe failure

(12) Scram button failure

(13) Running indicator failure

(14) Four-way valve failure

(15) 12V power supply failure

(16) Air conditioner starting capacitor failure

(17) Buzzer failure

(18) Indoor fan motor failure

(19) 2003 integrated block failure

(20) Outdoor fan motor failure



1.   Input power: single phase three wire AC220V ±10%, 50Hz

2.   Installed capacity: <1.2kVA

3.   Dimension: 1400mm×750mm×1700mm (approx.)

4.   Refrigerant: air conditioner (R22), refrigerator (R12)

5.   Safety protection: Voltage leakage, current leakage protection.

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