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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Comprehensive Analog & Digital Electronics Trainer
Electronics Trainer
Comprehensive Analog & Digital Electronics Trainer
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1.   It is widely used in lab of schools, universities, training centres for digital electronics technique, analog electronics technique education, which is mainly composed of instrument and meters, power supply, signal source, experimental circuits, etc.

2.   The bench is steel-wooden structure designed, with wear-resisting and fireproofing panel and storage drawer.

3.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.



Analog Electronics Part

1.   Usage of commonly used instrument

2.   Diode characteristic test

3.   Triode transistor input, output characteristics test

4.   Transistor single transistor amplifier

5.   Two-pole amplifier circuit

6.   Negative feedback amplifier circuit

7.   Emitter follower

8.   Field-effect tube amplifier circuit

9.   Differential amplification circuit

10. RC sine wave oscillator

11. LC sine wave oscillator

12. Operational amplifier parameter testing

13. Integrated operational amplifier proportional summation operational circuit

14. Integrated operational amplifier integrating and differentiating circuit

15. Integrated operational amplifier voltage comparator circuit

16. Integrated operational amplifier waveform generator circuit

17. Integrated operational amplifier active filter circuit

18. Integrated power amplifier

19. OTL power amplifier

20. Integrated voltage stabilizer

21. Series voltage stabilizing circuit

Digital Electronics Part

22. Transistor switching characteristic, clipper and clamper

23. Logic function and parameter testing of TTL integrated logic gate

24. Logic function and parameter testing of COMS integrated logic gate

25. Connection and driving of integrated logic circuit

26. Combinational logic circuit experiment

27. Decoder and its application

28. Data selector and its application

29. Trigger and its application

30. Counter and its application

31. Shifting register and its application

32. Pulse distributor and its application

33. Self-excited multivibrator

34. Monostable trigger and schmitt trigger

35. 555 time base circuit and its application

36. D/A, A/D converter

37. Electronic stopwatch

38. Competition responder

39. Tug of war game machine



1.   Dimension: 1500mm×700mm×1600mm (approx.)

2.   Working power supply: 220V/50Hz

3.   Safety protection: Current mode residual-current circuit breaker, voltage mode leakage protector

4.   Training table: Steel and wood structure, iron spraying plastics, wearproof and fireproof panel, equipped with drawer and cabinet for the storage of tools and components. (or aluminum alloy structure optional)

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