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PLC Technology Trainer
Programmable Logic Controller Trainer II
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1.   This trainer is mainly composed of training bench, control panel, mainframe module, simulation modules, three phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor, etc.

2.   It adopts modular type structure, the experiment modules can be replaced easily, which is convenient for function expansion and new experiment development. The PLC mainframe and experiment modules can not only be connected by self-locking type plug-in wires, but also by flat cable at a time.

3.   The device is designed with ground protection and leakage protection functions. Sheathed connecting wires, insulated socket and heat resisting table top are adopted to ensure safety.



1.   Understanding of PLC (soft hardware structure, system composition, basic instructions, wiring, etc.)

2.   Typical motor control operation (inching, self-lock, forward and reverse, star/delta changeover starting, etc)

3.   PLC simulation

4.   Three phase asynchronous motor inching control circuit

5.   Motor control simulation

6.   Seven segment digital display and tower light control simulation

7.   Automatic and manual traffic light control simulation

8.   Automatic water tower level control simulation

9.   Mail sorting machine control simulation

10. Elevator control simulation

11. Manipulator control simulation

12. Five-phase stepping motor control simulation

13. Automatic forming machine control simulation

14. Automatic rolling mill control simulation

15. Various liquids automatic mixing control simulation

16. Automatic feeding and loading system control simulation

17. Automatic vending machine control simulation

18. Automatic washing machine control simulation

19. Electroplating system control simulation

20. Machining center tool magazine control simulation

21. Music fountain control simulation

22. Responder control simulation

23. Mechanical sliding table control simulation

24. Assembly line simulation

25. Frequency converter functional parameter setting and operation

26. Frequency converter alarm and protection function

27. Inching control of external terminal

28. Frequency converter controlled motor forward and reverse rotation

29. Multistep speed selection and frequency control

30. Stepless speed control

31. Instantaneous power interruption and start control

32. Motor forward and reverse rotation (PLC controls the frequency converter external terminals)

33. Motor running time control (PLC controls the frequency converter external terminals)

34. PLC digital quantity control mode based multistep speed control



1.   AC power supply: Three phase five-wire AC380V ±10%, 50Hz

2.   Temperature : -10~50ºC, ambient humidity≤ 90%

3.   Overall power consumption: ≤1.0 kVA

4.   Dimension: 1290mm×230mm×890mm (bench)

                         1700mm×700mm×820mm (table)

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