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Electronic Controlled MFI Petrol Engine Trainer
Order No.EP-01-8A

1.   This is a running type electronic controlled multipoint fuel injection engine training system, it is manufactured as an educational unit with same condition of actual vehicle for efficient education.

2.   The complete system is a consecutive operating system that is equipped with components such as engine electronic fuel, cooling system, intake and exhaust system, etc.

3.   The engine base frame adopts power-coated steel, with four universal lockable truckles for easy movement. The control panel has excellent durability with aluminum plate, CNC engraver and color, its frame is made of arc aluminum alloy (or steel).



1.   Dimensions: 1500mm×1000mm×1800mm (approx.)

2.   Operation environment: Temperature -5°C~40°C, Humidity: 80%

3.   Engine model: Toyota 8A-FE

4.   Type: Four cylinder four stroke, multipoint electronic controlled fuel injection

5.   Displacement: 1400-1500cc

6.   Engine oil grade: API standard SG class

7.   Storage battery: 12V48AH

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