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Advanced Hydraulic Disassembly and Assembly Trainer
Order No.66971302

1.   This trainer mainly consists of various hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic cylinders and tools. Due to open structure design, students can finish assembly and disassembly of each executive component on the table board.

2.   The table board is equipped with an anti-static leather cushion that can avoid noise caused by collision of components when disassembling. To prevent loss of component, it is also designed with small components and parts storage box.

3.   By training on this platform, student can learn the structure and working principle of hydraulic components, as well as the processing and assembly technology, which has a powerful operability. It is suitable for vocational teaching courses such as 'hydraulic transmission technology' and 'hydraulic principle'.

4.   Special hydraulic components teaching pictures are provided to meet the teaching, disassembly and assembly requirements. (Including structure, working principle, explosive view, symbol, etc.)

5.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related GB standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.



1.   Disassembly and assembly of hydraulic pump

2.   Disassembly and assembly of hydro-cylinder

3.   Disassembly and assembly of direction valve

4.   Disassembly and assembly of pressure valve

5.   Disassembly and assembly of flow valve



1.   Temperature : -10~40ºC, Below RH 85%

2.   Dimensions: 2400mm×1200mm×800mm

3.   Metal framework training platform, double mattle minigroove sprayed surface.

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