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Pneumatic & Hydraulic Trainer
Portable Basic Hydraulics Training Box
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1.   The portable hydraulic principle trainer is designed for common courses such as ‘hydraulic control technology’, ‘hydraulic and pneumatic transmission’, which is widely used in industrial area and school education.

2.   It is suitable for technical secondary school, junior college, vocational school, mechanical engineering major education. By the experiment operation and course design, students can understand the structure of hydraulic components, loop control principle, design method and so on.

3.   The trainer is mainly composed of training box, oil tank, motor and gear pump (one body design), hydraulic components, oil tubes and so on, with the advantage of small size, light weight, easy to move. It is an excellent solution for the traditional teaching way that teachers can only conduct the course in one place.



1.   Understanding of hydraulic components structure, signal and functions

2.   Single stage pressure regulating loop of overflow valve

3.   One level pressure-relief loop of reducing valve

4.   Oil in speed regulating loop of flow control valve

5.   Oil return speed regulating loop of flow control valve

6.   Side oil line throttle governing loop of one way throttle valve

7.   Reversing loop of hand directional valve

8.   Series speed regulating loop of flow control valve and throttle valve

9.   Parallel speed regulating loop of flow control valve and throttle valve

10. Oil in and oil return speed regulating and throttling loop

11. Disassembly and assembly of reducing valve

12. Disassembly and assembly of overflow valve

13. Disassembly and assembly of hand directional valve

14. Disassembly and assembly of hydraulic cylinder

15. Disassembly and assembly of throttle valve

16. Disassembly and assembly of flow control valve

17. Disassembly and assembly of self-locking hydraulic connector

18. Hydraulic simulation software

(1) Component introduction function

(2) Connection and operation tips

(3) Manual connection function

(4) Automatic connection function

(5) Two-dimensional diagram hydraulic loop dynamic simulation

(6) Two-dimensional diagram hydraulic loop dynamic simulation with stop/start function

(7) hydraulic loop schematic diagram, component dynamic inner structure display



1.   Input Voltage : AC220 V±10%, 50 Hz;

2.   Complete appliance capacity: 0.3KVA

3.   Working temperature: -5°C~40°C

4.   Operating humidity: less than 90% (40°C)

5.   Dimensions: length × width × height = 620mm ×480mm × 280mm

6.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related GB standards.

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