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Transparent Electro Hydraulic Trainer
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1.   This trainer is designed to meet the requirements for learning complex inner dynamic structure and working principle of hydraulic components.

2.   Independent relay control module is adopted for the electrical control of hydraulic system, which combines the transmission technology and control technology perfectly.

3.   The structure of transparent hydraulic component is designed according to real industrial hydraulic component, which is light in weight and small in size. Due to this, students can start or stop experiment in a short time.

4.   All the hydraulic components are equipped with quick installing baseboard and quick connecting joint to ensure convenient operation.

5.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related GB standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.



1.   Function introduction and usage of hydraulic components

2.   Reversing loop of hand directional valve

3.   Lockout loop of median functional reversing valve

4.   Lockout loop of hydraulic controlled one-way valve

5.   Pressure setting loop

6.   Two-stage pressure loop

7.   Hydraulic loop of reducing valve

8.   Pressure boosting loop of pressure cylinder

9.   Unloaded loop of H-type reversing valve

10. Oil in throttle speed regulating loop

11. Oil return throttle speed regulating loop

12. Reversing speed regulating loop of speed control gear pump

13. Compound speed regulating loop of speed control gear pump and speed control valve

14. Flow valve short connected speed changing-over loop

15. Speed control valve series connected secondary feeding loop

16. Sequential action loop of sequence valve

17. Sequential action loop of pressure relay

18. Sequential action loop of travel switch

19. Sequential action loop of stroke valve

20. Hydro-cylinder series connected synchronizing loop

21. Reversing loop of pilot overflow valve



1.   Input Voltage : Single-phase AC 220V, 50Hz , output DC24V/2A

2.   Temperature : -10~50ºC, Below RH 90%

3.   Hydraulic oil pump motor: 250W, 0~1700r/min (with constant-voltage DC motor governor)

maximum pressure: 2.5Mpa, required loop pressure: 0.5~1Mpa, voice less than 58dB (distance 1.5m)

4.   Solenoid directional valve: 24V, suction: 30N

5.   Dimensions: 1400mm×680mm×1760mm (approx.)

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