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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS PLC Controlled Advanced Electro Hydraulic and Electro Pneumatic Trainer
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Trainer
PLC Controlled Advanced Electro Hydraulic and Electro Pneumatic Trainer
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1.   The PLC controlled advanced electro hydraulic and pneumatic trainer is made up of experimental table, frame, industrial hydraulic components, electrical control modules, programmable logical controller module, sensors, etc. It integrates various control modes of hydraulic/pneumatic loop, such as PLC control, relay control and button control, making it ideal for the teaching and training of hydraulic/pneumatic drive and control technology.

2.   All hydraulic and pneumatic components are mounted with spring baseboard that can be inserted and took out easily. The connection of hydraulic components adopts quick coupling without leakage, the pneumatic components are connected by high quality air hose with related adapter, which is convenient and efficient.

3.   The hydraulic power pack adopts integrated bearing connection method for motor and pump, the oil tank is fixed with the pump station, making the hydraulic power supply safe and steady. The pneumatic air source is supplied by oil free air compressor, with capacity up to 30L.

4.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related GB standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.



Hydraulic Part

1.   Simple pressure regulating loop

2.   Multistage pressure regulating loop

3.   Pressure reducing loop

4.   Unloading loop of 3-position directional valve

5.   Unloading loop of pilot overflow valve

6.   Constant-pressure throttle speed regulating loop (throttle valve)

7.   Variable-pressure throttle speed regulating loop (throttle valve)

8.   Constant-pressure speed regulating loop (speed regulating valve)

9.   Variable-pressure speed regulating loop (speed regulating valve)

10. Speed regulating valve short connected speed changing-over loop

11. Speed regulating valve series connected speed regulating loop

12. Speed regulating valve parallel connected speed changing-over loop

13. Differential motion control loop

14. One-way blocking loop of hydraulic controlled one-way valve

15. Two-way blocking loop of hydraulic controlled one-way valve

16. Locking loop of 4/3way directional valve

17. Sequential action loop of sequence valve

18. Sequential action loop of electrical travel switch

19. Sequential action loop of pressure relay

20. Synchronizing loop of parallel connected speed regulating valve

21. PLC controlled sequential action loop of pressure relay

22. PLC controlled sequential action loop of electrical travel switch

Pneumatic Part

23. Single Acting Cylinder Reversing Loop

24. Double Acting Cylinder Reversing Loop

25. Single Acting Cylinder Speed Control Loop

26. Double Acting Cylinder One-way Speed Regulation Loop

27. Double Acting Cylinder Both-way Speed Regulation Loop

28. Speed Changing-over Loop

29. Buffering Loop

30. Twice Pressure Control Loop

31. High/Low Pressure Converting Loop

32. Counting Loop

33. Delay Loop

34. Overload Protection Loop

35. Interlocking Loop

36. Single Cylinder Single Reciprocating Control Loop

37. Single Cylinder Continuous Reciprocating Control Loop

38. Straight Line Cylinder, Double Acting Cylinder Sequential Action Loop

39. Multi-cylinder Sequential Action Loop

40. Two-cylinder Synchronous Action Loop

41. Four-cylinder Linked Action Loop

42. Unloading Loop

43. OR Gate Type Shuttle Valve Application Loop

44. Dual Pressure Valve Application Loop

45. Quick Exhaust Valve Application Loop



1.   AC power supply : three phase AC 380V, 50Hz

2.   Temperature : -5~40ºC, Below RH 90%

3.   Overall power consumption: 1.5 kVA

4.   Dimension: 1380mm×900mm×1730mm (approx.)

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