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Portable Electro Pneumatic Trainer
Order No.66971107

1.   It mainly consists of aluminum alloy case, various minitype industrial pneumatic components, electric control part, minitype air compressor, etc.

2.   Small in size, light in weight, it could be used for demonstration, teaching and learning expediently. All components are to be encased in a portable case for secured storage purpose.

3.   The ports of pneumatic components and electrical elements are set apart, students can link pneumatic and electric control circuits autonomously, such as pressure control loop, direction control loop, speed control loop, sequential action loop, etc.

4.   This system allows learners to understand pneumatic components structure and functions, the set-up of basic pneumatic circuits and basic electro-pneumatic circuits.



1.   Understanding of pneumatic components structure and functions

2.   Control loop of single acting cylinder

3.   Speed control loop of double acting cylinder

4.   Reversing loop of reversing valve (Pneumatic/electronic/manual control)

5.   Speed regulation loop of throttle valve

6.   Sequential loop of double acting cylinder

7.   Fundamental loop of pneumatic drive



1.   Input Voltage : AC220 V±10%, 50 Hz; Output: DC24V

2.   Overall power consumption: 0.3 kVA

3.   Dimensions: Component box 580mm ×420mm × 170mm

Electrical control box 580mm ×420mm × 170mm

4.   Weight: 22kgs

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