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PLC Technology Trainer
Stereoscopic Warehouse Training Model
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1.   This trainer mainly consists of mechanical drive unit (three axes positioning unit), switching power supply unit, PLC unit, buttons and sockets unit, storage warehouse, etc.

2.   It adopts desk-top modular design, which is small in size and light in weight, the electrical control part can be connected with other PLC related training bench for the expansion.

3.   It provides a simulation to help students understand the working principle of the stereoscopic warehouse.

4.   All power line of components and signal lines are based on safety sockets on board with insulating sheath.


1.   Automatic detection technology application

2.   Programming of mechatronics equipment control

3.   Stepping motor drive and position control training

4.   Mechanical drive training

5.   Automatic control technology teaching and training

6.   System maintenance and fault detection training

7.   Circuit installation capacity training


1.   Power supply: Input AC 220V, output DC 24V

2.   Temperature : -10~50ºC, Below RH 90%

3.   Overall power consumption: ≤0.3 kVA

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