CFP-101 Electro Pneumatics Trainer


      • This is a   flexible electro pneumatics teaching system, with aluminium profiles and   powder coated sheet 
        steel as the frame material, universal   and silent castors are adopted to achieve movable ability.
      • Top part as the electrical control unit,   which is composed of AC power supply unit, DC power supply unit,
        control unit, relay unit and AC   sockets. 
      • Fast connecting coupling is adopted for   the quick connection between pneumatic tube and pneumatic 
        components without leakage.
      • Grooved plate is used to allow pneumatic   components be mounted easily on any position vertically or
         horizontally, by using elastic mounting   base board on each component.
      • The system structure can be extended to   double sided training system easily upon request (additional
         purchase for air compressor and   electrical part only), by this way to realize training for two groups
         on one frame system.

      • Single acting cylinder reversing loop
      • Double acting cylinder reversing loop
      • Single acting cylinder speed control loop
      • Double acting cylinder one-way speed   regulation loop
      • Double acting cylinder both-way speed   regulation loop
      • Speed changing-over loop
      • Buffering loop
      • Twice pressure control loop
      • High/Low pressure converting loop
      • Counting loop
      • Delay loop
      • Overload protection loop
      • Interlocking loop
      • Single cylinder single reciprocating   control loop
      • Single cylinder continuous reciprocating   control loop
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