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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Programmable Logic Controller Trainer (basic)
PLC Technology Trainer
Programmable Logic Controller Trainer (basic)
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1.   This trainer is suitable for courses such as 'PLC Technology', , 'Electric Appliance and PLC Control Technology' and 'PLC Application'.

2.   It is mainly composed of control panel, PLC mainframe, modular simulation modules and so on.

3.   The training table adopts plastic sprayed steel structure and designed with drawer, which is convenient for the storage of tools and modules. The table top is made up of high density board, with fireproof, waterproof and wearproof function.

4.   Frequency converter and motor can be added to extend the experiment content when needed. (optional)

5.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related GB standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.



1.   PLC basic instruction training

2.   Motor forward and reverse control simulation

3.   Television transmitting tower simulation

4.   Traffic light control system simulation

5.   Automatic goods delivery and loading system simulation

6.   Automatic water tower water level control simulation

7.   Automatic molding machine system simulation

8.   Various liquids automatic control system simulation

9.   Automatic punching machine control system simulation

10. Elevator control system simulation

11. Automatic mail sorting system simulation

12. Automatic washing machine control system simulation

13. Plating control system simulation

14. Automatic vending machine system simulation

15. Relay control experiment

16. Software simulation control



1.   Input Voltage : AC 380V/220v, 50Hz

2.   Temperature : -5~40°C, Below RH 90%

3.   Overall power consumption: 0.3 kVA

4.   Dimensions: table 1575mm×680mm×835mm (approx.)

bench 1130mm×250mm×720mm (approx.)

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