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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Power Electronics and Electric Drive Technology Trainer
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Power Electronics and Electric Drive Technology Trainer
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1.   This trainer covers specialized courses such as 'Power Electronics Technology (Semiconductor Converting Technology)', 'DC Speed Governing Technology', 'Motor Control Technology', 'Electric Drive Automatic Control System', 'Control Theory' and so on.

2.   It adopts modular designed structure that each experimental training modules can be replaced freely according to different training purposes. The connecting sockets are 4mm diameter with pluggable cables.

3.   Safety protection: Three phase isolation transformer is adopted for the power supply treatment, two voltage mode leakage protectors and one current mode leakage protection device are used to ensure personal safety, which is stable and safe.



1.   Single Phase Bridge Type Semi-Controlled Rectifier Circuit and Unijunction Transistor (UJT) Trigger Circuit

2.   Thyristor DC Speed Control System

3.   IGBT Tube Driving & Protecting Circuit Testing and DC Chopping Circuit & Buck-Boost Circuit Research

4.   Single-phase AC Voltage Regulating Circuit and Integrated Sawtooth Wave Trigger Circuit

5.   BJT Single-Phase Parallel Inverter Circuit

6.   Single-phase AC (Zero-crossing Trigger) Power Control Circuit

7.   Three-phase Thyristor Full (Semi) Control Bridge (Zero) Rectifier Circuit and Three-phase Integrated Trigger Circuit

8.   Debugging of Double Closed-Loop Three Phase Full Controlled Rectifying DC Speed Control System

9.   Three Phase AC Voltage Control Circuit

10. SPWM Controlled Single Phase AC-DC-AC Frequency Changer Circuit

11. The Performance of PWM Controlled Switching Mode Voltage Stabilized Power Supply

12. Given Integrator Circuit

13. SG3731 Dedicated PWM Integrated Circuit Controlled DC Position Servo System

14. Sawtooth Wave Phase Shifting Trigger Circuit

15. Power Electronics Experimental Circuit Diagram



1.   Input power supply: Three phase 380V ±10%, 50Hz

2.   Work environment: Temperature: -10°C~+40°C, relative humidity: <85% (25 °C), altitude:<4000m

3.   Installed capacity: <1000W

4.   Boundary dimension: 1600mm×800mm×1800mm

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