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Microcontroller Trainer
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1.   This trainer adopts modular and open type design, each module can be used separately for basic experiment or combined for training experiment and course design.

2.   The training table is designed with drawer cabinet for module storage and four lockable universal caster wheels for easy movement. When doing experiment, the top surface of table can be folded so that students can put modules on base plate to conduct training. The table can also be used as a normal desk when the top surface is closed.

3.   The modules use high strength PCB as the carrier, the front side is printed with terminal signals and equipped with main components, the wiring is conducted on the back side.

4.   It covers various microcontroller training courses, such as I/O training, A/D training, D/A training, LED/LCD dot matrix module experiment, motor control, etc. Besides, mechatronics application can be extended on this trainer by adding an intelligent material handling device.



1.   Lights flash training

2.   Marquee’s training

3.   Independent key input training

4.   Photoelectric isolation input and output training

5.   Metal detection training

6.   Dynamic nixie tube display training

7.   Matrix keyboard interface training

8.   Relay isolation control training

9.   Buzzer playing training

10. The expansion of IO port with 8255 chip training

11. 1602 liquid crystal display module control training

12. 128*64 LCD module control training

13. Dot matrix LED screen character display training

14. AD conversion training

15. DA conversion training

16. LM35 temperature sensor acquisition training

17. Single bus temperature sensor acquisition training

18. The control of AC/DC gear motor training

19. Open loop control of step motor training

20. RS232 communication training



1.   Power input: AC220V±10% (safety plug output, with leakage protection function)

2.   Output voltage: (DC±12V±5%, 1A); (DC±5V±5%, 1A); (DC24V±5%, 1.5A)

3.   Working environment: temperature -10ºC~+40ºC, relative humidity<85%(25ºC), height<4000m

4.   Dimension: 1220mm×700mm×820mm (approx.)

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