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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Double-linked PLC Controlled Transparent Four-layer Elevator Trainer
Educational Teaching Lift
Double-linked PLC Controlled Transparent Four-layer Elevator Trainer
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1.   This trainer is designed according to construction of lift type elevator, which is widely used in our daily life. It is composed of two four-lay elevators and related electrical control parts, users can select different electrical control types for this trainer, such as the electric combined type and separated type.

2.   Organic glass material is adopted for most of the components so as to make the inner structure and working principle of real elevator easy for students to understand. Welded steel tubes of good structure rigidity are used to form the support frame, coming with parkerising plastics sprayed surface.

3.   The electrical control system adopts programmable logic controller and frequency converter to achieve logic intelligent control and AC variable frequency speed regulating and driving. The hardware part of this trainer is same as real elevator in composition and function, coming with automatic door opening/closing, automatic leveling, inner/external calling signal response in same direction, straight moving, elevator safe running protection, elevator emergency stop, slow up/down, lighting, air fan function and so on.

4.   Panasonic VF series frequency converter is used for the speed regulation of three phase AC traction motor, it adopts voltage vector control mode to achieve the speed up/down, forward/reverse, jog control of motor, as well as the phase loss, open phase, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload and stall protection.

5.   It is reliable in performance, steady in running, easy in operation and low in energy consumption. Both the hardware and software part of this trainer adopt open structure, which make it easy to be extended for secondary development, such as multiple control elevator, parallel control elevator, signal control elevator, autoselected elevator and so on.



1.   Lift car starting, stopping, inching control

2.   Lift car speed up/down control

3.   Lift car leveling control

4.   Lift car landing door opening/closing control

5.   Floor calling system training

6.   Terminal limit protection device training

7.   Speed limit protection device training

8.   Signal indicating system training

9.   Lift car lighting control

10. Elevator control system training

11. Elevator control system programming

12. Elevator control system running and debugging

Transparent elevator fault setting

13. Elevator stops running after door closing

14. Floor selecting failure inside lift car (first floor)

15. Leveling and stopping phenomenon appears at second floor without calling landing and stopping signal

16. No response to straight moving commands

17. No response to upgoing calling landing command after second floor

18. Elevator stops running and the alarm bell starts ringing

19. Elevator running failure, motor buzzes without rotation

20. All display failure, door opening motor doesn't respond to opening/closing commands

21. Elevator door closing failure

22. Elevator manual door opening failure

23. Elevator manual door closing failure

24. Stopping phenomenon always appears at second floor when lifting

25. Elevator car door can't open automatically after nipping someone

26. All floor indications are incorrect

27. Elevator descending failure

28. Elevator ascending failure

29. Elevator door opening failure

30. Automatic door closing failure

31. Car door doesn't respond to opening command

32. Car door closing failure (open immediately after closing is finished)

33. Automatic door closing failure after car door opening

34. Car door doesn't respond to closing command

35. Door closing failure after opening

36. All buttons no response and the alarm keeps ringing



1.   Power supply: 220V, 2.5A

2.   Installed capacity: 0.75KW

3.   Dimension (combined) : 630mm × 575mm × 2410mm (elevator ×2)

655mm × 575mm × 2410mm (electrical control)

4.   Dimension (separated) : 900mm × 600mm × 2280mm (elevator ×2)

5.   Load capacity: 5kg

6.   Control mode: PLC control

7.   Speed regulating mode: AC variable frequency speed regulating

8.   Structure type: two four-layer elevators combined structure

9.   Traction machine: speed ratio(15:1), worm speed reducer module (1.5)

10. Driving motor: 380V, 0.7A, 50Hz, 0.18KW, 1400rpm

11. Safety protection: Leakage protection function, safety meets related national standard

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