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Electronics Trainer
Electronic Process Technology Trainer
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1.   This trainer can be used as an individual electronic skills training platform, or be grouped into various production lines to finish the electronic process training.

2.   This platform is suitable for operation such as manual welding, SMT welding, electronic assembly, complete set maintenance and so on.

3.   Designed with stabilized voltage supply , AC low-voltage current, function generator, buzzer, multiple socket, voltage regulator, fluorescent lamp, instrument stand, tool holder and so on, it provides a rich resource for electronic product measurement, debugging and new product development.

4.   By using various electronic components and assembly tools, students can not only exercise their ability of assembly and debugging, but also the ability of secondary development such as the curriculum design, graduation project and skill competition.



Digital Electronics Part

1.   Transistor switching characteristic, clipper and clamper

2.   Logical function and parameter test of TTL integrated logic gate

3.   Logical function and parameter test of CMOS integrated logic gate

4.   Integrated logical circuit connection and drive

5.   Combinational logic circuit design and test

6.   Decoder and its applications

7.   Data selector and its application

8.   Trigger and its application

9.   Counter and its application

10. Shifting Register and its application

11. Pulse distributor and its application

12. 555 time-based circuit and its application

Analog Electronics Part

13. Common electronic instrument usage

14. Simple diode test

15. The input-output characteristic experiment of the triode transistor

16. Single stage amplifying circuit

17. Two-stage amplification circuit

18. Negative feedback amplifier circuit

19. Emitter follower

20. Differential amplification circuit

21. Field-effect tube amplifier

22. RC sine wave oscillating circuit

23. LC oscillator and frequency-selective amplifier

24. Integrated operational amplifier basic parameter testing

25. Integrated operational amplifier proportion summing circuit

26. Integrated operational amplifier integrating/differentiating circuit

27. Integrated operational amplifier voltage comparator circuit

28. Waveform generator

29. Active filter

30. Integrated power amplifier

31. Complementary symmetry power amplifier

32. Integrated voltage stabilizer

33. Series voltage stabilizing circuit

34. Thyristor controlled rectifying circuit



1.   Input power supply: Single phase three wire 220V ± 10%, 50Hz

2.   Working environment: Temperature -10ºC~+40ºC, relative humidity 85% (25ºC)

3.   Installed capacity: < 0.5KVA

4.   Dimensions: 1300mm×650mm×2000mm (approx.)

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