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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Four-layer Elevator Trainer
PLC Technology Trainer
Four-layer Elevator Trainer
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1.   This trainer is a minitype four-layer elevator model, which has same functions as the real elevator. It can be used as the control object of programmable logic control or microcontroller, covering training contents such as PLC, sensor application, position control, switching value control, sequential logic control, etc.

2.   The logic control function of elevator under different running modes can be achieved by collecting various site signals, such as the internal selecting button signal, external selecting button signal, leveling signal, limit signals, etc. The dragging system is designed with car lifting and car door opening/closing functions, with the features of high performance, easy operation and low energy consumption.



1.   Elevator technology application

2.   Sensor technology application

3.   DC motor training

4.   Nixie tube training



1.   Dimension: 335mm×290mm×660mm (approx.)

2.   Input power: Single phase three-wire AC 220V ±10%, Installed capacity: <2000VA

3.   Safety protection: Ground protection and leakage protection.

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