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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Refrigerator Electrical and Pipeline System Trainer
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trainer
Refrigerator Electrical and Pipeline System Trainer
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1.   This trainer is designed to meet the training requirements of refrigeration related majors, it covers refrigerator system pipeline installation, electrical wiring, system debugging, fault diagnosis, maintenance and so on.

2.   The whole structure is composed of refrigerator system, power supply and instruments part, refrigerator electronic control module, etc.

3.   The training table adopts guide rail type aluminum alloy profile, which is convenient for refrigerator system installation and operation. Equipped with pressure detection unit, the pressure of refrigerator high/low pressure sides can be measured directly.

4.   Protective device: Current mode leakage protection device for power supply cut-off when leakage current exceeds a certain value. Thermal protection device for compressor overheating and overload protection.



1.   The determination of the pipeline distance

2.   The cutting, bending, expanding of pipe

3.   Install the pipeline into right location

4.   Refrigerator pressure maintaining and leak hunting

5.   Estimate the winding of compressor

6.   System circuit laying and connection

7.   Refrigerator system vacuumizing

8.   Refrigerator system refrigerating fluid filling

9.   Refrigerator system electrical circuit debugging

10. Refrigerator system working condition adjustment



1.   Input power: single phase three-wire 220V, 50Hz/60Hz

2.   Work environment: temperature -10~40 °C, relative humidity 85%(25°C), Altitude: <4000m

3.   Capacity: 200W

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