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 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS PLC Controlled Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer (Double Sides)
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Trainer
PLC Controlled Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer (Double Sides)
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1.   The PLC controlled pneumatic training platform is made up of experimental table, frame, pneumatic components, electrical control modules, programmable logical controller module, sensors and so on.

2.   It adopts ‘two-in-one’ designed structure with two training kits on different sides, which is convenient for two groups of students to process experiment at the same time.

3.   The air compressor adopts air oil-less type compressor, which has the advantage of light weight, low power consumption and low noise.

4.   Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related GB standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.



1.   Single Acting Cylinder Reversing Loop

2.   Double Acting Cylinder Reversing Loop

3.   Single Acting Cylinder Speed Control Loop

4.   Double Acting Cylinder One-way Speed Regulation Loop

5.   Double Acting Cylinder Both-way Speed Regulation Loop

6.   Speed Changing-over Loop

7.   Buffering Loop

8.   Twice Pressure Control Loop

9.   High/Low Pressure Converting Loop

10. Counting Loop

11. Delay Loop

12. Overload Protection Loop

13. Interlocking Loop

14. Single Cylinder Single Reciprocating Control Loop

15. Single Cylinder Continuous Reciprocating Control Loop

16. Straight Line Cylinder, Double Acting Cylinder Sequential Action Loop

17. Multi-cylinder Sequential Action Loop

18. Two-cylinder Synchronous Action Loop

19. Four-cylinder Linked Action Loop

20. Unloading Loop

21. OR Gate Type Shuttle Valve Application Loop

22. Dual Pressure Valve Application Loop

23. Quick Exhaust Valve Application Loop



1.   Input power : Input: AC 220V, 50Hz output: DC24V/2A

2.   Temperature : -10~50ºC, Below RH 90%

3.   Dimensions: 1380mm×900mm×1730mm (approx.)

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