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Where there is CHOIEO, there is Chance..


Our Products:

We are manufacturing professional educational training equipment, which is widely used in Universities, Organizations, Technical and Vocational Schools as well as Industry workforce Development Programs and Training Center. Our products allow students to learn and experiment through valuable hands-on experience, and the technology covered by our training equipment provides knowledge, experiments and didactic skill development that are of critical importance to today’s and tomorrow’s careers.

About Company:

CHOIEO is a separately established trading company (2013), with energetic team, born to meet the latest requirements of the modern society and associated with the latest standards in 21th century. Seeking to reach a consensus, CHOIEO provides featured products and offers business consultation services for budget control, winning tenders, etc.

About Experience:

We have our own manufacturing factory, our staff is well trained before doing international trade, such as internship in our factory workshop or lectures from professors in this industry. We have particular technical specialists in factories in charge of order-tracking and customer experience feedback.

‘Where there is CHOIEO, there is Chance’,

 CHOIEO is looking forward to working with you in the future.

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